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Patients Sticker Chart

Patients Sticker Chart

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Do you work at a Pediatric Dental Office? Then check out our Tooth Fairy Challenge sticker chart.


This sticker chart is a perfect way to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Parents can also be involve by awarding their child a sticker after brushing their teeth at night before bedtime. Whether you're looking to improve regular flossing, more frequent brushing or just overall just improve oral hygiene habits, this sticker chart will help you get there.


NOTE: For large orders inquiries (30+) please message me.


WHAT’S INCLUDED: Each set includes 1 Tooth Fairy Challenge Card + 1 sticker sheet (30 stickers)


Photos are representative of finished product, but due to different monitor settings, there may be slight variations in color.

SIZE: 5” x 4” inches sticker chart

MATERIALS:  Chart is printed on 100lbs cardstocker and the stickers are printed on water-resistant matte vinyl sticker paper. The matte vinyl makes the colors look vibrant and lovely!

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