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Spooky Season is HERE!

A basswood small coffin with a halloween sticker with teeth characters in it, a Frankenstein tooth sticker, and a Halloween badge reel.

September has arrived, and with it the unmistakable aroma of pumpkin in the air. Although the current blazing heat in Pittsburgh might suggest otherwise, Spooky Season is indeed finally here. And we are so excited that our Halloween Collection is BACK IN STOCK!

So… what inspired this collection?

I must admit, I’m more of a Christmas lover but Piña (my husband and our Executive Packing Chief) loves Halloween. So with his knowledge of all things spooky and my creative skills, we created this collection back in 2021.

The hardest part of the creative process was choosing four iconic Halloween characters that would also work in teeth form. We finally settled on: Mummy Tooth, Tooth Dracula, Frankentooth, and Witchy Tooth. My favorite is the Witchy Tooth, Piña’s favorite is Tooth Dracula and the customer’s favorite is also Tooth Dracula. Do you agree it is the cutest? Which one is your favorite?

A basswood small coffin with a mummy tooth button pin, a Dracula tooth button pin, halloween magnet and a halloween badge reel.
Halloween Collection

How did we turn our design into products?

We started with our sticker pack with the four characters as individual stickers. They sold out within days of our launch! We were extremely excited, which is w

hy we bring them back every year. We also understand some of our customers love our dental art, but don’t love stickers, Last year (2022) we introduced accessories to the collection: badge reels, bookmarks, and magnets. All of our items are done in-house, this is to ensure quality and the fastest turnaround.

Are you ready for the Spooky Season?

We would love to celebrate with you this year! Whether you work at a pediatric dental office with kids who love whimsical dental art, at a dental practice with a team who love dental humor or you’re a student surrounded by classmates who could use extra smiles to get them through the semester; we’re certain that this collection is perfect for you.

Let us know what you think of our Spooky Collection and if you have any suggestions on something you’d want to see us make.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful day!


Purrfect Little Art LLC founder

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