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How to Choose Your Perfect Dental Planner

In this era where smartphones and apps have become the norm for organizing our lives, there is still something special about putting pen to paper. At Purrfect Little Art LLC, we understand the value of using paper planners, especially for dental hygiene students and professionals who strive to stay organized and manage their busy schedules effectively. In this blog post, we'll explore the unique benefits of each of our planners to help you find the perfect fit for you!

1. 4 x 5" Daily Planners

Are you the type of person who takes things one day at a time? Then our small daily planners are perfect for you! These are our smallest planners, they are only 4 x 5" inches and have everything you need to add the bullet point version of your day. These are perfect if you are looking to upgrade your to-do list but don't want to plan too much. They are easy to carry and can perfectly fit in your purse or laptop pouch, they are perfect if you are all about light packing and just want little reminders.

a small daily planner, with space for: water intake, to do list, goals, meals and notes. It is decorated with teeth characters on pink and blue background.

2. 5" x 7" Daily Planners

Customers were loving our daily planners so we decided to offer a bigger version of them. These 5" x 7" inch daily planners are perfect to plan your whole day and to add quick notes as the day goes by. Our larger daily planners give you more space for your to-do list, and trackers, plus they are perfect if you take things one day at a time and need to visualize that day thoroughly.

a large daily planner, with space for: notes, goals, wellness tracker, and to do list. It is decorated with teeth characters on a green and pink background.

3. Weekly Planners

Are you the type of person who likes to plan each day but also needs to see the big picture? Then our weekly planners are perfect for you! Our weekly planners give you a whole glance at your week: equipped with space for your weekly goals, weekly wins and a breakdown of each day. They are perfect for anyone who loves planning ahead of time, sounds like you?

a weekly planner decorated with teeth characters and dental tools. It is very colorful. It sits on a table with a laptop, coffee and some markers.

4. Calendars

Unlike our lovely planners which are available year-round, our calendars are only available once a year, so if you want them, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! These toothy calendars give you a glance of what’s happening throughout the month. They are perfect for major events that you cannot miss, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. These pair beautifully with any of our other planners, especially if you are trying to schedule outings on a busy season.

a calendar with teeth characters on a greenish backgrouns. It sits on a table with a hand on top of it, days have been crossed off and we can see dental stickers on the left side as well.

If you ask me, I use my calendar for doctor's appointments, birthdays, product launches and in-person markets. Then, I use my weekly planner to really plan out a productive week while jotting down my cheat-days and fun outings. And during really busy seasons, I add my daily planner to the game, and really write down daily tasks to hold myself accountable but to also make sure I'm not overworking myself or leaving things for last minute.

I hope this post helps you in choosing the purrfect planner for you, and remember it is not just about adding tasks and working, but also about that work/life balance.

With Love,

Sari Castro

Founder | Purrfect Little Art LLC

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