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A Surprising Best Seller for Dental Hygienists!

Pink notepad that reads: notes from my hygienist. It contains three sections for: area of work, recommendations and products to try. Notepad features whimsical teeth characters on a stripe pink and white background.

When I designed this notepad, I absolutely loved it and thought customers would too. But I never would have thought it would be THIS POPULAR!

Our “Hygienist Notes” notepad has gained us many 5-star reviews from customers that love it so much that they keep coming back for more. So how did this design come to be? Keep reading to find out!


I was looking for inspiration for a new notepad design but I kept hitting a wall. And so I decided to look through some customers’ messages. I had gotten a couple of direct messages from customers telling me they loved our notepads and loved using them to write patients recommendations. And as I read through our hundreds of reviews, I saw the same comment being repeated over and over so I thought: there’s my new design!

Design Process

Light green notepad that reads: notes from my hygienist. It contains three sections for: area of work, recommendations and products to try. Notepad features whimsical teeth characters on a stripe light green and white background.

I wanted it to match our whimsical art while remaining extremely useful in a professional environment. So, I came up with a fitting title “Notes From My Hygienist”. Cute, sweet and straight to the point. I added a section for each major patient concern as well as included our cute characters.

I wanted to give our pink lovers a notepad they would immediately love, but I also wanted to give a teal/green alternative, and so we launched this notepad with two color options right from the get-go. Moreover, I understand how some recommendations might be as simple as writing the brand of a product, while others may include instructions that are hard to remember if not written down. So I decided to include two different sizes. I try to stay away from doing this: two color options and two size options for a brand new design? I usually test the waters with one design/one size and grow from there, so this was uncharted territory, sort-to-speak.

Why Dental Hygienists and not Dentists?

I focused on Hygienist for this notepad because the majority of the reviews came from hygienists. And if you’ve ever gone to the dentist, you may have noticed that you spend the majority of the time with the hygienist (especially if it’s your first visit) and what feels like 10% of the time with the dentist. This really depends on the practice and your dental-related issues, I cannot stress this enough, not every dentist is the same. But this is also the reason why many patients establish stronger relationships with hygienists and ask them for recommendations. Because of this, after taking the time to listen to what our customers were saying I came up with this design.

The outcome?

Customers loved them! We started getting orders not long after we launched them. They soon became one of our best sellers, maybe even surpassing our OG bestseller that we’d had since we started Purrfect Little Art LLC. We’ve got numerous 5-start reviews, orders and reorders for all options.

“Notes From My Hygienist” notepad holds a special place in my heart, because to me, it feels like it’s a product I designed alongside my customers for my customers. So when we say we welcome all feedback and product recommendations, I really mean it. We care and listen to you 100%! The purpose of this store is to serve the dental community, to celebrate the uniqueness of the field and design products that surely bring a smile to your face.

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!


Founder | Purrfect Little Art LLC


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